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Prior to every workout moving forward, you should be performing a overall body stretch and the burgener warm-up, weather permitting get some sort of dynamic warm-up in.  As you can tell we are focusing a lot more on warm-up, mobility, and technique plus the work out’s are pretty damn tough.  This is a good thing, DO NOT IGNORE IT!

Joint Prep

3 x 30 Second Table Top Stretch R/L
3 x 30 Front Foot Plate Elevated Samson Stretch

KBC (Note Support work section, if you chose to do support work do it before this)

3 x 10 Double Kettlebell Snatch

*Rest 1 Minute Between Efforts

*To be performed AHAP
*Post weight used to comment


You have no more then 5 sets including your initial warmup to work up to a Heavy “Triple” on the Front Squat

IMPORTANT – Your “Heavy Triple” is Not simply a Heavy set of 3 Front Squats. Your set will be as follows.

1 x Front Squat – 1 x 1 1/4 Front Squat – 1 x Front Squat (I’ve asked for what this means already, awaiting a response)

*From your Max lift take a Moderate Percentage and Perform the following

Tempo Lift

Descent Front Squats

3 x 3

*Rest 1 Minutes Between Efforts

*Your active period each round will be a Max tension interval of your given lift at a controlled speed. Your weight should be something Challenging to move continuously at a restricted Tempo today. The goal is to descend for 5 second from full lockut to the bottom of the hole. Once you Reach the bottom of your lift perform 3 bounces the third of which should begin an explosive full squat back up and out of the hole. Engage your entire body  like your receiving a heavy clean on your bounces.

*Record Max “Triple” and weight used for Tempo to Comments

Cool Down

3 Minutes of Skipping Rope

SupportWork/Snatch Complex

Every 30 Seconds for 6 Minutes perform the following complex at 95/65

1 x High Hang Snatch
1 x Mid Thigh Snatch
1 x Hang Snatch Below the Knee

*Todays focus is on explosiveness and SPEED under the bar. This complex is to be completed Fast but also as Efficently as possible
*If you are performing todays complex do so Before your KBC
*SupportWork is not mandatory and is dependent on level of Recovery 


One response

  1. danlapinsky

    Dan and Dustin
    185 lb max triple
    165 lb 3 x 3

    June 14, 2012 at 12:51 am

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