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Rovi- 8:43
Wall balls

Shaun and Dan
Dan-13:30 first two rounds 53 last 35
Shaun- 15 min 35 kb

Joint Prep/KBC

3 x 2 Armbar stretches aside

*Keep them light and work on your weak points


5×5 RDL Clean Pulls

Tempo = 204x

*Todays Clean Grip RDLs will be performed at Tempo. At the top of you lift explode up and perform a Aggressive Clean Pull before redeloading your quads for your next Rep. *This will be extremely taxing on your grip, use straps if need be.

Notes from Coach – We have about a week and half left on this MacroCycle of Training if you are feeling fatigued or a bit under recovered go lighter on your RDL/Clean Pulls and focus on the flow of the movement and the pull on top of the rep. Tempo allows this in your training so take advantage of this before things start getting fast in the coming 12th Edition Cycle.

*Post weight used to Comments


3 Rounds

Run 400 Meters
Kettlebell Snatch R/L 70/53
15 Pullups

SupportWork/Gymnastics Work

3 x Max HSPU

*Rest 30 Seconds between Efforts

*Post Reps for each set to Comment along with total number Reps


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