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Iron club


12 Minutes to Establish a Max Clean Pull followed by 2 Touch N’ Go Power Cleans

*You may not lose control of the Bar between you Two Power Cleans. If you drop the Bar the effort is terminated.

*Post Results to comments.

*Post Results to comments.

Tension/High Bar Drill

*Take somewhere Between 120-150% of today’s max Complex weight and Perform the following every 30 Seconds Until the 5 Minute Mark or Failure

1 x Front Rack Lockout
2 x High Bar Squat

*Post weight used and Results to Comment.

Jay- 215 PC, 275 squat
Dan- 225 PC, 275 squat



Joint Prep

Jog 400 meters where you interval between jogging forward and Backwards


3 Rounds

2 Minute 400 Meter Intervals

*You have 2 Minutes to complete your Runs. If you finish your run in say 1:45 this means you have 15 Seconds to Rest. Failure to Complete a Run Results in a 2 Minute WallSit penalty at the End of the workout.

Rest 2 Minutes

50 Power Clean ManMakers for Time 30/20

Notes from Coach – These ManMakers are to be performed without a Full clean as you come off the Deck. If you find yoursef training on the road as this is the Holidays and don’t have access to Dumbbbells get creative. Try performing a Pushup and then touching your opposite shoulder after each pushup or perform the ManMaker serious with a single kettlebell if you have one (every body involved with the I/C should have a KB to travel with). Or you could always just put a smalller family member to use as something to power clean and put over your head, again get creative and report back.

*Record Run and ManMaker Time to Comment.

Run averaged 1:20/400 m J+D
Man makers- 18 min

Cool Down

3 Minutes of Skipping Rope


Iron club

Joint Prep

3 x 10 Banded Snatch Balances

*Work form on all reps


12 Minutes to Establish a Max Snatch Pull followed by a Touch N’ Go Power Snatch



3 Rounds

50 Squats
7 C2B pullups
10 Hang power snatches


Joint Prep

Team Stretch


High Bar Squat


*You have No More then 5 sets including your initial warmup to work up to a Heavy Double on the HB Squat

*Post Heaviest lift completed to comment

Interval Lift

Take 90% off the days Heaviest lift and every Minute on the Minute for 6 Minutes perform 2 High Bar Squat.

*Failure to complete an attempt terminates your OTM

*Post Weight and Results to Comment


3 Rounds

10 KB Presses 53/35
10 Pullups
200 Meter KB farmers Walk 53/35

*Post time to complete to comment

Cool Down

3 Rounds 5 Banded Dislocates/4 Lunge to Dislocates (2 R/2 L)



Three rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
7 Push presses, 70 pound dumbbells
14 Ring rows

Iron club

Joint Prep/KBC

3 Minute Kettlebell Snatch Set

Right Arm 3 Rounds 1 KB Snatch followed by a 30 Second Overhead Lockout
Left Arm 3 Rounds 1 KB Snatch followed by a 30 Second Overhead Lockout

*To clarify thats 90 Seconds on the Right Arm followed by 90 Seconds on the Left Arm after a hand Switch. You will resnatch the Bell at the beginning of each 30 second Lockout.
*The goal of this drill is to find a comfortable point of fixation and proper hand insertion with the Bell.

*This is a WarmUp, so don’t go crazy with the weight.


5 Minute Kettlebell Snatch Set

*This is to be conducted as a Sport Set meaning the Bell may not rest ANYWHERE other then overhead (ah now we see why we started with that JP). If you set the Bell on the ground or rest anywhere other then overhead your set is Terminated.

*Unlike a Traditional set this is a Unlimited hand Switch Set, meaning you may hand to hand switch the Bell as many times as you like but again the Bell may NOT touch the ground.


3 Rounds

Run 200 Meters
15 Pushups
30 Second Hollow Rock

*Rest 1 Minute Between Effort

Cool Down

3 Rounds 3 Reverse Wall Walks (Click Here)/3 Scorpion Stretches aside




5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Iron club

Joint Prep

5×3 Single Legged BarBell Deadlifts R/L 75/55


You have 12 Minutes to work up to a Max 2 Rep Touch N’ Go Power Snatch

*This is the Tried and True “Daemon Double” method utilized by Jim Schmitz that we’ve seen in our program before.

*Post Results

*Post Results for lift to comment.

Tempo Lift

High Bar Squat 5×3

*This is to be performed at 75% of your Heaviest lift from Saturday December 15th.
*Perform a TWO second hold at the Bottom of each Rep.

*If you missed the lift date listed above simply perform the same sets at what you would believe to be a manageable weight.

*Post Results for lifts to comment.

Cool Down

3 x 30 Second Front Foot Plate Elevated Samson Stretch

SupportWork/Triplet AMRAP

6 Minute AMRAP

12 Double KettleBell jerks 53/35
12 Box Jumps 24/20
12 Burpees




Five rounds for time of:
5 Back squats
15 sit-ups

Iron club
Joint Prep

3×7 Band Pressing Snatch Balances

*Rest 30 Seconds Between Efforts

*Start with a band of minimal tension on your shoulder pulled to a Snatch Grip length. Keep tension in the band with PROPER shoulder position as you slowly Press yourself down into the receiving position of a Snatch Balance.


4 Rounds

Run 400 Meters
50 Wallballs 20/14

*You have THREE Minutes to complete your Run and WallBalls. Record where you were in each Round if you fail to complete the required load in the allotted time.

*Rest 90 Seconds between Rounds

*Post Results from each Round to comment

Simple Sets

3 Rounds

30 Second Max Hollow Rock
30 Seconds Rest

Cool Down

4×3 Armbar Stretch R/L, keep thise LIGHT