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Rovi- 11:59
Cleans (95)
Dips (black band)

Joint Prep

3×10 Stiff Legged Snatch Grip Deadlifts 65/45

*Rest 45 Seconds Between Efforts


12 Minutes to Establish a Max Snatch Complex

2 Hang Snatch Pulls
1 Power Snatch
1 Overhead Squat

*You will have 30 seconds to complete the Complex, failure to complete the entire complex in 30 seconds constitutes a MISS on the attempt.
*Hang Snatch Pulls are Pulled from below the Knee, your Snatch is to be Performed Touch and Go after the second Hang Snatch Pull


10 Hang Snatch Pulls
15 Ring dips
Run 200 Meters
10 Power Snatches
10 Ring Dips
Run 400 Meters
10 OverHead Squats
5 Ring Dips
Run 200 Meters

*Movements Performed at 75% of Max complete Complex of the Day
*Hang Snatch pulls are performed from below the Knee

*If you performed todays Red Option during your SWOD then swap your Power Snatches out for Full Snatches in today’s workout.

*Post Time to complete and weight used to comment

Cool Down

1k Row without “Layback”

SupportWork/Box Squat

5×3 Box Squat

*Focus on a controlled Reach back and descent on all Reps
*SupportWork is not mandatory and is dependent on level of Recovery


Post Time

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