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Happy 12 day everyone!


Front squat 5-5-5-3-3-3

Iron club

Joint Prep/KBC

3×2 ArmBar Stretch

*Keep these lighter just looking to get the shoulders warmed up


12 Minutes to Establish a Clean Complex

1 Power Clean
1 Power Jerk
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Power Jerk

*You will have 30 seconds to complete the Complex, failure to complete the entire complex in 30 seconds constitutes a MISS on the attempt.
*Your Hang Power Clean must be Pulled from below the Knees, this entire complex must be performed Unbroken.

*Post Results for Heaviest completed Complex to comments

Tempo Lift

4 Rounds

Fronts Squat – Choice of weight is up to you

25 Seconds On
35 Seconds Off

*Your active period each round will be a Max effort interval of your given lift for speed. Your weight should be something Challenging to move continuously at a above average Tempo. The goal is to avoid having to take full fixation breaks during each work set (so do not hold lockout at all during these sets). Your weight may be taken out of the rack.

Cool Down

Jog 1200 Meters

SupportWork/Gymnastics Work

5×3 L-Pullups

*SupportWork is not mandatory and is dependent on level of Recovery


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