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Skill review- proper push up technique

Three Rounds for Time:
2 Minutes Double-Unders or Single-Unders
*20-15-10 Pull-Ups
*20-15-10 Inclined Push-Ups (with Feet on top of 12″ Box)
1 Minute Rest

*NOTE: Perform 20 in the first round, 15 in the second round and 10 in the third.

Iron club-

Joint Prep/KBC

3×10 Jumping Kettlebell Deadlifts

*Perform as KB Deadlift and as the Bell passes your Knees aggressively extend the Hips and Jump


12 Minutes to Establish a Clean Complex

2 Clean Pulls 1 Touch and Go Power Clean 1 Hang Power Clean

*You will have 30 seconds to complete the Complex, failure to complete the entire complex in 30 seconds constitutes a MISS on the attempt.
*Clean Pulls and Power Clean to be Performed Touch and Go, your Hang Power Clean must be performed immediately following your Power Clean. If you lose control of your Bar and Drop it your set is Terminated.


Hang Power Clean/Chest to bar Pullup OTM

With a continuously running clock perform 1 Hang Power Clean/1 Chest to Bar Pullups the first minute, 2 Hang Power Cleans/2 Chest to Bar Pullups the second minute, 3 Hang Power Cleans/3 Chest to Bar Pullups the third minute, and so on, continuing to add 1 Rep each minute until you cannot complete the required number of reps in the given minute.

*Movements Performed at 50 to 60% of your Max complete Complex of the Day

Cool Down

Jog 1200 meters


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