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Five rounds for time of:
5 Back squats
15 sit-ups

Iron club
Joint Prep

3×7 Band Pressing Snatch Balances

*Rest 30 Seconds Between Efforts

*Start with a band of minimal tension on your shoulder pulled to a Snatch Grip length. Keep tension in the band with PROPER shoulder position as you slowly Press yourself down into the receiving position of a Snatch Balance.


4 Rounds

Run 400 Meters
50 Wallballs 20/14

*You have THREE Minutes to complete your Run and WallBalls. Record where you were in each Round if you fail to complete the required load in the allotted time.

*Rest 90 Seconds between Rounds

*Post Results from each Round to comment

Simple Sets

3 Rounds

30 Second Max Hollow Rock
30 Seconds Rest

Cool Down

4×3 Armbar Stretch R/L, keep thise LIGHT



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