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Joint Prep

Jog 400 meters where you interval between jogging forward and Backwards


3 Rounds

2 Minute 400 Meter Intervals

*You have 2 Minutes to complete your Runs. If you finish your run in say 1:45 this means you have 15 Seconds to Rest. Failure to Complete a Run Results in a 2 Minute WallSit penalty at the End of the workout.

Rest 2 Minutes

50 Power Clean ManMakers for Time 30/20

Notes from Coach – These ManMakers are to be performed without a Full clean as you come off the Deck. If you find yoursef training on the road as this is the Holidays and don’t have access to Dumbbbells get creative. Try performing a Pushup and then touching your opposite shoulder after each pushup or perform the ManMaker serious with a single kettlebell if you have one (every body involved with the I/C should have a KB to travel with). Or you could always just put a smalller family member to use as something to power clean and put over your head, again get creative and report back.

*Record Run and ManMaker Time to Comment.

Run averaged 1:20/400 m J+D
Man makers- 18 min

Cool Down

3 Minutes of Skipping Rope


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